Solution Overview

LIVE is a next-generation Marketing Performance Management platform, which enables leading Advertisers around the world to Monitor, Evaluate and Optimize their marketing investments on an ongoing basis.


Provides visibility across all marketing investments and resulting business performance, bridging the gap between paid (digital and traditional), owned and earned media investments

Insight generation:

Allows business users to rapidly generate insights from previously disparate datasets, thereby extracting more value from existing data assets and avoiding wasteful ad-hoc data processing


Leverages advanced analytics (including Attribution and Marketing-Mix models) to provide an integrated evaluation framework across digital / direct response media and traditional / branded media

Improved ROI:

Provides a powerful optimization and simulation engine that allows us maximize the effectiveness of future investments

Cost effective:

Highly customizable turn-key platform offers significantly lower cost, reduced risk and faster time to market than custom-built solutions

There are three key areas of functionality in the LIVE platform:


Get instant visibility across all Marketing investment vehicles and resulting business performance through easy-to-use customizable dashboards.


Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of all Marketing investment vehicles including digital, direct response and traditional channels. Leverage advanced analytics to properly evaluate the role of all communication channels, not just the 'last click'.


Maximize the returns of future campaigns by leveraging LIVE's advanced optimization and simulation engine. Optimally allocate scarce Marketing budgets across all investment opportunities to maximize their contribution to business performance.

These three end-user modules are supported by three key layers of functionality:


Enables administrators to manage Users and their access rights, monitor usage and specify all customization settings for their LIVE application

Data Management:

A set of ETL processes and API calls that can pull data from many disparate sources, harmonize it and import it in the LIVE data repository on a daily basis.


an advanced analytics layer that applies Marketing-Mix models to the LIVE data repository to quantify the responses generated by all investment channels

The LIVE platform is fully customizable to each Advertiser's specific business model and requirements and has already been applied to integrate hundreds of data feeds on behalf of leading advertisers in 20 countries, across a wide range of industries (telecommunications, automotive, QSR, technology financials, education, CPG, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

LIVE would typically integrate data from a wide range of data sources, encompassing a wide range of performance measures and investment vehicles:

LIVE is available on-demand on a subscription basis, enabling Marketing organizations to deploy the platform rapidly at a fraction of the cost, complexity and risk of building an in-house or customized solution. The hosted, fully web-based, nature of this solution removes the need for hardware, software or integration with internal IT systems.